Outfit: Crisp White

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We'll I'm not sure what sour grapes I was sucking on the day my sis took these photos, but I sure look downtrodden. So how about we focus on my shirt, hey? This shirt is a recent ridiculous hand-me-down from a friend.  Ridiculous in that I love hand me downs so much, especially when they're this perf.  Almost cannot deal.  Would probs wear this shirt to work if it weren't sheer... and white.  White silk shirts don't mix well with our line of work.  Hahaha I am just imagining the aftermath of that combo.  (Apologies, tired insanity happening here.)

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photos by clever sissy

White shirt
Acne jeans
Zara flats
Commes pouch

The skate board in the background is obviously mine, because I'm such a cool skater girl ;)


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