DIY: Quick & Dirty Kokedamas

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Poor (or impatient?) man's bonsai or not, these dangly balls of life are appropriate for showing off (unlike those other dangly balls of life...).  Perfect for greening-up interiors if you choose the correct plants!  Instructions after the jump.

Whilst not the most perfect emulation out there, here's our quick kokedama DIY that requires just a visit to Bunnings & a forage around in your mum's garden to rustle up some plants.  It's a nice little afternoon project and is also a cute gift - perhaps try strawberries, small chillies, or herbs for a functional AND decorative creation.

Also, we hope you had a blessed Easter and a good rest if you were lucky enough to score the 4-day break!  Given the holiday-mode and short week thanks to Anzac day on Friday, here's a new DIY for when you've run out of things to do at home.

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If you can find bonsai soil or clay, then go for it and mix it with the potting mix in a 3:7 ratio.  This helps with making a less-crumbly ball of soil.  Also, if you can get your hands on it, get some sheet moss.  If you couldn't be bothered like us, then just go troppo with the sphagnum moss as shown below.

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Take your plant out of the pot and squish the soil into a ball shape.  (If you've been keen enough to find some bonsai mix, then shake off the excess soil from the plant roots, wrap them in a bit of sphagnum moss, and engulf the roots in your ball of fancy bonsai mix/potting mix)

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If you're lacking in the sheet-moss department like we were, then soak some sphagnum moss in a bowl of water then wrap it around your soil-ball.  Press it in tightly and make sure all the soil is covered.  Then begin wrapping your moss-covered soil-ball with twine, making sure you wrap it tightly & securely.

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Tie the end and you're done!  Use an extra bit of twine to tie and suspend your kokedama if you want to hang it up and show it off.  Once or twice a week, dunk it in a bucket of water and soak it to water the plant.

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Miley would be so proud.

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  1. Last picture has left me in hysterics on a bloody bus! this is awesome girls
    X Kim

    1. Hahaha the lack of blogging for a week made me go a bit crazy :P


  2. drooool dat bokeh


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