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Vogue's bi-annual online shopping night hits the interwebz again today starting at midday.  Thank goodness I'm going to Singapore next week and channelling my money into my overseas-shopping/wedding/house/current-obsession-with-aquariums fund, so my little debit card won't take a fatal blow despite my much-welcomed stable income. 

Of course that didn't stop me from partaking in a bit of online window-shopping...  And as you can see (apart from all the stuff that revolves around sleeping) a good proportion of my favourite pieces are work/weekend-friendly - definitely the major thing that determines my shopping habits nowadays.  Zimmermann and C&M in an germ-ridden environment you gasp?  Well, welcome to my new mantra, which is "bought it, gotta wear it".  It's a good mental filter if you're trying to practi-cull an overstuffed wardrobe!


In no particular order:

Banjo & Matilda cable knit
Zimmermann dress

What will you be hunting down this VOSN?

xx T


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  1. Okay today I have done pretty well, and only bought one of the Slip silk pillow cases- my head heats up when I sleep and I HATE it! Fingers crossed this guy gives me a good time in bed… um? :) That knit jumper though… love! xx


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