Bootie Issues

Sadly no Beyonce booties around here, so our bootie issues are more footwear - related.  You see, T (along with the rest of the cool people of this world) has a knack of wearing boots with, well, anything.  Boots with short skirts, boots with midi skirts, boots with cropped jeans, boots with normal jeans... whereas poor me looks like a right old fool when I try this look.  This Winter I pledge, in an oh so serious voice, to solve this stupid issue & find some boots that don't make me seem like I forgot my tights/have feet too small for my body (what is with that...)

Then maybe I'll be able to emulate this collage...


(minus the molto expensive skirt) (potentially these are the boots?)

Country Road top & clutch, Michael Kors skirt, Marant boots


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