This layout is legitimately #merightnow or should I say, #ootd.  Whatever hashtag of the day (#hotd?) you choose.

In light of ye olde thing called work as well as the other thing called bloomin cold Winter, there has been a significant lack of outfit posts on the blog lately.  You know what though, it doesn't phase me much.  Some of my most-read blogs are just full of random stuff & I seem to love them anyway, so hooray if le fanch changes. Next thing you know we'll be a gardening blog.  Haha! Or not.  Or yes?

I bought these Nobody cropped jeans last week and now I'm not sure what I used to wear.  Let's just say, BIG fan.  They were full price so it was a painful purchase for stingy me, but no regrets.

Sadly the shoes are Valentino-inspired rather than the real thang.  Better stop buying denim and work on that Valentino-shoe-fund to increase the honesty of my collage.



  1. I was JUST about to ask, so did you buy those Valentino flats!?!?! But then my reading caught up with the rest of me...*sigh*...

    But yes! Totally an investment piece, save save SAVE up for them!

    Sarah xx

    1. Haha, I wish! Although owning Valentinos of some variety may not be too far away ;) x


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