Dinner Time


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(I rarely feel overwhelmed with anything, let alone excitement, but links 2 & 5 are giving me palpitations)

S & I were talking the other day about how much we're itching to make homes of our own.  I guess you know you're jumping into this boat when you've spent the last few weekends buying cutlery & crockery for your non-existent house!  Here's a collection of inspiration photos for my choice of table-toppers, assembled retrospectively and inspired by the Gordon Ramsay "Bread Street" dinnerware set we claimed for ourselves over the weekend.  Simple, clean, and succulent!  Now time to hunt down some matte-finished pieces and more milky whites. 

A question for those in the know: would it be sensible to buy doubles of a dinnerware set just in case things get chipped/broken, or have you found that it just wastes space?



  1. I think it depends how you can purchase the pieces - in multi-setting set or individually. If you can get them alone buy an extra two to what you'd consider your maximum setting (then you're also sorted for unexpected additional dinner guests without compromising style, phew!), if they only come in a full set I think you're wasting your money. There's nothing wrong with a little mix & match down the track! The tonal mix in #5 is quite beautiful.

  2. Thanks for your advice Claire! I did spot the separates at DJs the other day so might pick up just a few instead of a full set :)


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