Zimmerman: Cloud Stompers


Monday, start of the working week for most normal folk.

This year T & I have both tossed about our ideas about separating or combining work clothes with weekend clothes.  We have come to the conclusion that whilst there are some items destined to be work-only (hello black trousers) and others resigned to leisure (destroyed jeans, i'm lookin' at choo!), it makes much more sense to wear everything everywhere.  I think perhaps it's the combinations that make an outfit office/hospital appropriate, rather than the actual item.

Zimmerman's Cloud Stompers collection hails the come back of the pussy-bow blouse, a quintessential office wear item.  Something that ladies world wide call on to interchange with a stiff collar.

I sense a strong Zimmerman habit brewing.

Blouses here & here.

Wouldn't mind this red bombshell dress either...


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