Outfit: Leather Trouser

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Photos by Simon

Boooo, I'm going back to work today after a glorious week off doing next to nothing apart from my tax & hitting up Second Time Around with S, where we totally scored on the bargain front.  I got these leather track pants at a piddly fraction of what they'd usually cost to the not-so-thrifty trend slave, and here you can see them fitting perfectly into my weekend garb - termed "the little schlump" (because really, that is what you end up looking like when you're under 6 foot and choose to embrace the boyfriend jean/track pant silhouette).  Oh and S got some Carla Zampatti action for the wedding...  Yes - we found the dream dress for my maid of honour!  But no hints on what it looks like - you can all just wait for another 6 months.

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Saba jumper
Witchery leather trousers
ASOS shoes
Le Specs sunglasses
Balenciaga bag

Time to haul-ass to the sweatshop, have a good Monday!



  1. I do pretty well out of that store too. It's always worth the look. I love the blue jumper, such a great colour. Oh damn, taxes, I gotta get onto that. Thanks for the reminder. xx Jenelle

    1. Steph goes there quite often and snags heaps of good stuff whereas I always forget that it exists!
      Yeah that darned tax return... Just think of the money!

  2. Love the leather and cobalt blue, perfect combo


  3. Leather trousers... I still haven't had the chance to cross that off my list yet :(


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