Bare Those Shoulders!



Remember back to last Summer when I was complaining about the dearth of inspiration that surrounds trying to get dressed in 30 degree heat?  Well this year I am starting early and collecting ideas and clothes to see me through my most despised time of year.  Thanks to the Northern hemisphere Summer just gone by, I have a few super-obvious trend predictions for us in a couple of months:

1. Off-shoulder things will be the cool new thang.  Waaaay more forgiving than crop tops if you've been slothing all Winter. 
2. Playsuits will continue to live, along with the unfortunate oblong-butt-silhouette that they bring.
3. Dressing like a hobo a la Bassike will be me and every other man and his dog's favourite get-up (although who else can't bring themselves to wear those drop-crotch pants for fear of looking like you have a giant diaper on?)   

What do you think will make it big this Summer?

x T

P.S. unfortunately starting at 6:30 isn't conducive to responding in a timely fashion to the ice-bucket challenge that Ditza so kindly nominated us for (although my legs would love an ice-bath following yesterday's City to Surf!).  But we'd still love you to read a little about motor neurone disease & perhaps drop some coin into our local MND association here!


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  1. I have been lusting after that VJ off the shoulder top for so long now! Gah why you have to be so expensive top, why?!


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