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Life has been strange of late - I'm on erratic day/night/anytime shifts for the first time this year and things are a bit different...

there have been lots of late night tumblr seshs
i found this tumblr photo that looks exactly like my family tea rounds
Went crazy last night after getting home from work at 1am & bought these shoes on a whim
Loove this jumper on Carmen & kinda want to fly somewhere to browse the & Other Stories store (I wish)
Off to the Karrinyup SS launch tonight - see our Instas for peeps!
Tried this recipe yesterday with New Norcia brioche bread - repeating it for my bro tomorrow, mmm
I must say, this song is pretty horrific but how cool is T-Swizzle's outfit

And that's all from me.  Time to put the kettle on!
Any fun links you want to share?


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  1. Girl, I don't know how the heck your mind and body even begins to deal with shift work. Heck, my body hardly keeps up with my work-from-waking-to-sleeping schedule, but at least it's a steady routine! Doctors, you're crazy [smart].

    Anyway, it's 6:13PM and now all I feel like is 7 cups of coffee/tea.



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