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You know what is funny?  I truly enjoy going to runway shows, and I also quite enjoy runway recaps on certain sites, but I hate hate hate blog posts full of mundane runway shots.  Perhaps no one else feels this way, which wouldn't bother me one bit.  It's just that, well, the enjoyment that comes out of reading a blog is the personal nature of the posts; be that the photography style, the choice of photos posted (which might be the author's favourite), or the commentary that follows.  A quirky commentary (a la L Medine) saves a post from being a style.com regurgitation.

With the above in mind, how am I going to tell you about Sunday night's #TPFF WA Designer Collections show without being a giant hypocrite who doesn't like their own post?
Well, I present you three photos only, covered in kindergarten scrawl.  With commentary, even.  Aren't you lucky.

Emily Muco's designs embody fun.  F-U-N.  The prints are always so quirky and one can't help but smile when her items flit down the runway.  This bird print (they're birds right?) would be a choice outfit on a hot summers day.

Bhalo (means "good" in Bengali) reminds me of Gorman in some ways.  Their garments are ethically made from natural fibres and their stock is mainly easy breezy sun dresses, loose shorts & full skirts, all in happy colours, of course.  This denim shift dress is a different take on the denim dresses that are filling le shoppes at the moment.

Katherine Dunmill, known for her handmade leather accessories, sent some killer clothes down the runway, including this ladylike shirt that would look fabuloso with a loose white tshirt tucked in and some Summer wedges.  Perhaps add a floral crown.  So Spring, so chic.


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  1. I completely agree with you! Looooong posts filled with nothing but runway pictures are a bit boring, I really enjoyed reading your individual but brief take on each of the shows. Can't wait to see the street style pics as well (that's really my fave part of any fashion festival!) xx H


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