Travel: In Flight Style


There's today, then tomorrow, and then BLAST!  I'm off to New Zealand for two weeks.  Apart from a significant amount of fretting about the fact that I haven't started packing (this is coming from a pack-a-whole-week-before person) I am uber excited to spend two weeks solid relaxing and adventuring with PX.

Taking notes from Blair Eadie, queen of preppy-chic, I plan to attempt in flight comfort whilst maintaining my decency in terms of style.  No need for track pants.  Actually, scrap that, I have some Kate Sylvester soft merino pants waiting to be debuted!
Designer track pants all the way.

Any NZ tips are most welcome!  We are flying to Christchurch & driving slowly down to Queenstown via all natures wonders.


PS - Come to mama, personalised monogrammed LV overnighter.

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