Outfit: Travel Uniform

This, dearest LeFanch comrades, is what I wore for the last two weeks.  Well, variations on this theme interspersed with super daggy hiking get up.  Having a uniform for a trip, much like having an everyday 'uniform', saves time on getting dressed that could (and should!) be spent on more valuable experiences like... eating.

Speaking of eating, one of my favourite parts of travelling with PX is breakfasting. Hatred of nouns-as-verbs aside, what I mean is the process of finding a cafe, choosing a meal, drinking hot coffee (in a mug, of course), using wifi to plan out our day together and then setting out on said adventures.  In truth, this same experience could be had in our own city.  Isn't it funny, the things you only do on holidays that could be done anytime?  Methinks this deep thought could be continued by someone more philosophical than me, so, like a good horror movie, I'll stop here and let you imagine your own version of the rant.


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