Summer Update: FOCUSING

You might not know it from our recent bizarre weather, but Summer is most definitely on its way & it is time for a wardrobe review.  This doesn't mean scrapping everything you own and buying a whole new summer look... if you do that, it means you either bought rubbish last Summer or have had a huge change in style over the last 6 months.  No, it means tweaking what you wore last year so that it's still current for the next.

Summer update

Steps to Focusing your Seasonal 'Drobe

1 Research
your favourites mags & blogs, as well as lookbooks from online stores you most often purchase from or aspire to purchase from.  
Qu: What do I want to look like this Summer?
To do: Save some photos of your ideal look.  Mine is an example above.

2 Review
what you already own: remove your Winter woollies & see what is left.
Qu: Do these items fit my look from qu 1?
To do: Purge your closet of what doesn't fit/suit you/suit your look.

3 List
Make a list of the "Gap" items - those things that will update your current clothing to the look you want.  e.g. some Celine-esque slip ons will update your classic denim shorts from 2013 to 2014.
Qu: What can I add to my existing items to 2014-ise them?
To do: Make a (reasonable-length) list of what you'd ideally buy this season.  Slowly procure these items with your hard earned moolah.  Splurge on classics, save on fashion items.  Please no one "invest" in a crop top :|


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