Rant: What Are We Cleansing?

juice cleanse

As much as S & I love juice as part of a normal diet (and a better alternative to soft drink and the like), it still baffles us as to why you'd spend your hard earned money on a "cleanse" that defies basic biology and physiology.  I was all fired up from an article over the weekend, so I've made this little card to practise my hand-lettering and also inform those who want to know more about why we feel this way about the mythical juice cleanse fad.  

Cleanse your mind, not your wallet!!




  1. Great post (and lovely lettering!) I have been wondering about the actual benefits of the juice clense craze that seems to be sweeping through at the moment, so this was very helpful! xx H

    1. Thanks Hannah! It just shows how powerful marketing is - and also how important it is to question everything!

  2. YOUR WRITING IS BEAUTIFUL T. I am most envious (mine is scrawl. I write exams in all-caps).

    I view the juice 'cleanse' thing as more of a digestive break, cutting out 'bad things' (wildly variable person to person, but overly processed anything, too much sugar/preservatives) and giving the GI system a chance to reset with nice green fibrous natural things. I definitely don't do it for weight loss, and have no idea how people do it for more that one day (ok, I DO understand how in the physiological sense but I wouldn't be doing it personally). I learned the hard way that my body reacts badly to various foodstuffs and spent a lot of time cutting out and reintroducing things into my diet - I think the juice cleanse can be a useful way for people trying to sort out what works/doesn't work for their system fastrack that process.

    1. I'm also v v envious of her writing skills! Mine's year-two-teacher print mixed with scrawl. NOT a good look ;)

      Love your comment about the cleansing! My 2 cents to add to the opinion party...
      Re cleansing the GI system, I totally get what you mean & I do agree that the body needs "breaks" from... basically... crap that we should probably not be eating anyway! (hello festive season!) However my main gripe with these cleanses is that I'm not sure juice is the way to do it. Perhaps eating JUST raw food, or JUST raw veg for that matter, or there's always the short periods (e.g. a day) of fasting and just having water, although I don't know much about the benefits of those & should do some research before I spout anything.
      If someone were to suggest a smoothie cleanse, I might be convinced, as these have so much fibre & (usually) less sugary fruits so they make a little more sense. Perhaps these do exist?

      Also "cleanse" is a nice word, as long as people don't think they are truly cleansing aka undoing damage that they've already done. Of course we don't live in the ideal world, but if we did we wouldn't have eaten anything needing to be "undone" anyway. #dreamonsteph #ilovetimtams

      Yahoo for discussion!

      S xx

    2. Aw thanks Claire! I ran out of inspirational quotes and the like, so thought something educational would be a nice change for practise sake!

      I also fully agree that everyone needs to take a break from the processed crap we ingest - just look at the rates of obesity (are we number one in the world yet?), diabetes, heart disease, etc.
      Fruit and veggies are the best, and it's great that people are more aware of their benefits and there are more healthy options available. The juice thing, however, still reeks of being a fad to me. Marketing plays a huge role in its popularity no doubt, and if I were wanting more fibrous goodness, I'd have to agree with Steph and go with fresh fruits and veggies or at least smoothies, which still retain the actual bulky fibre which is good for the bowels. Juice is also just a sugar hit for diabetics - I worry that some of the more gullible and less-informed of them would try a juice fast and land themselves in hospital!!

    3. (In terms of the food intolerance thing, I'm happy you've found what works for you! Unfortunately not all are blessed with your intelligence and inquisitive mind and I can forsee a future of osteoporotic young ladies on the horizon)

  3. Great post ladies! I still can't belive juice cleansing is an actual thing, and that so many people endorse it! If you're looking to 'cleanse' your body why not just remove all the processed stuff? Seems more logical to me! Xx Nads

  4. Great post!
    The whole "juice cleanse" fad is a weird thing but with all the marketing I can see why it's easy to get sucked in!
    I actually found myself looking up one of those cleanses the other day and momentarily (just momentarily) considering it before my rational brain kicked in and I was like "what am I doing?!!"
    So thanks again for the reminder! (A beautiful reminder at that - your writing is so amazing Trish!)

  5. I LOVE this. Have never been a fan of juice cleanses. Or juices at all really. Unless they are in a cocktail ;) xx


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