What to Wear: Christmas Day Edition

The festive season brings with it the biggest of conundrums... so many parties and SO MANY DRESSES TO CHOOSE FROM!  Let's be honest ladies.  We have plenty to wear.  Normally, we are (very hypocritical) proponents of wear-something-you-already-own, but Christmas Day is an exception to that rule.

I've split The Big Day outfit inspo into 3 categories.  Go forth and purchase a festive frock.

All available from Net A Porter - search at your own peril.  Items mostly $$$$ & used for example only.

Try a digital print classic style for a sensible family lunch party.  Or perhaps a block coloured midi dress with a) heels for something fancy, or b) flat sandals & a daisy chain.  If a swimming pool or park is involved, purch a silk sleeveless affair to look chic but also cool as a cucumber.

Skirt + Crop
So you want to ditch the traditional dress & go with something more 2014?  Cool, go with a crop top and midi skirt.  Celebration-appropriate but slightly more interesting and on trend.

In true Aussie style, sometimes a Christmas party is more of a beach picnic, and truth be told you cannot play beach cricket in a skirt.  Plenty of options available in the shorts department to look festive while maintaining your dignity!

What are you planning on wearing for Christmas?


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