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Hands up if you've been invited to a wedding/engagement/birthday/insert-random-occasion-here recently and had a tough time finding a card that 1. isn't $8 for something that looks like your mother made in her first scrapbooking class; 2. perfectly conveys your razor sharp wit or fantastical worldly knowledge; 3. isn't visually offensive.  Both my hands are up.  And yes, I am cheap with cards because 95% of the time, that $8 piece of tree will be thrown out in the trash.  I don't want my money to flippantly end up in the bin!  But I don't expect everyone to harbour past cards like an episode of Hoarders...  So if you haven't already jumped on to the modern calligraphy wave, then here's a good reason to try it out.  S & I are big fans of hand-made cards, and you can certainly save a crapload of moolah (whilst honing your skillz) with some simple sentiments.

Pre-step 1.  Learn how to wield a dip-pen.  Or fake it*
Step 1. Make some cards, or buy a pack of pre-made blank cards
Step 2. Flourish away with some inky goodness in your choice of hue.  I find simpler is better, and famous wedding song lyrics make for great wedding cards.  You can get more creative later!
Step 3. Make use of drying time to marvel at your hand-writing 


*yes, you can fake that funky effect that dip pens have.  I will elaborate further if there is a smidgeon of interest...


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  1. Lovely... Is hand calligraphy easy to pick up? I'm shocking when it comes to art!


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