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Here, have this stereotypical "I'm so influenced by Scandinavia and minimalism and I spend exorbitant amounts on fresh flowers" blogger photo so that I can:

1. Show off my excellent stem-cutting and pesky-hydrangea-droppings-cleaning skills
2. Remind you to remind me that I should stop buying food in glass jars for the purpose of keeping the glass jars for later
3. Tell you that the Aesop cream which everyone seems to own is perfect for the perpetual surgical-scrubber (who doesn't want a fragrant doctor?)
4. Provide you with photo evidence that my hipster transformation continues with the next step being Clubmasters as every-day glasses

In summary, I begin my sophomore year as a medical lackey with soft hands, a hoarding issue, and 20/20 vision.  Thank goodness I have a job to pay for those flowers. 



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