Inspiration: Suiting Up

Gianni Fontana by Simpson Kim
Collage: Country Road pants, Marcs tee, Karen Walker brooches, Miu Miu shoes

Festive decorations have all been taken down and most people are back to 'normal' life now, which means it's time to a) freshen up your work 'drobe with some new purchases, or b) mix up your usuals in a slick new way.

While female street fashion is almost totally irrelevant to life unless you're a model (permanently off duty, of course) or a fashion editor, menswear is the perfect place to find inspiration for your on duty days.  The men at fashion week epitomise classic tailoring, as well as smart colour use to brighten up a simple outfit.  Take this chap in navy, for example... how boring would that outfit have looked in black!

Swap this fellow's pocket square for some lapel-candy, because in case you missed the memo, brooches are having a comeback.  One of these Karen Walker beauties is sure to brighten up your colleagues' day.


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