How To: Healthy Chia Jam

Chia jam has been doing the internet rounds - the current fad shall we say - but I just had to post about it in case there's someone out there who hasn't given it a go.  This recipe, if it even qualifies for such a title, is the simplest and most delicious spread.  In fact, you can skip the toast & try it on some vanilla yoghurt for dessert, or as an ice-cream topping.  The jar will only last a couple of weeks in the fridge (going preservative free will do that!) so you will find some novel ways to eat it, such as alone with a spoon ;)

chia seed jam
photos from ohmyveggies (a great site for healthy recipes)

Chia seeds

Cook the former, then mix with the latter.  Too runny after a few minutes?  Add some more seeds.


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