Swim: Busselton

DSC_6362.jpgDSC_6512.jpgBusselton jetty snorkel
DSC_6650.jpgDSC_6373.jpgBusselton jetty snorkelDSC_6594.jpg
Busselton jetty snorkel
Busselton jetty snorkel

Simon & I have been doing a lot more diving and snorkelling this year (for those of you who aren't Australian you'd think we'd be crazy for not making the most of our amazing coastline all our lives!). It's a good head-clearing experience with the salty cold water filling your ears and stinging your eyes, and the ocean makes me feel so vulnerable because of its vastness.  It's also horribly dangerous but beautiful at the same time, and for me it definitely makes "fashion" seem so small, which I guess is why this blog is heading away from that direction towards more of what our actual lives involve.  

That means more diving photos and house-planning montages from me.  
Gotta stay distracted when we're away from work somehow.




  1. Such beautiful photos... we really are so lucky to live here.
    Love the diving photos and also the house planning pics! Keep them coming! ;)

    Lauren xx

  2. As much as I love fashion, I do agree that it is somewhat small compared to the other things in life.
    Keep the good stuff coming, no matter which genre they're going to be :P



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