Colour my winter!

Although winter is probably my favourite season clothing-wise (you get to wear more things!) and T's fav too, it is far too often that we default to black.  It's just so easy to throw on jeans, a dark jacket, boots and scarf in one minute when you're running out the door!

So, winter aim #1: be vibrant in a sea of black and grey!

Photos via The Sartorialist & elsewhere

Some easy ideas I have stolen (& will continue to steal) from these lovely ladies:

1. A colourful scarf can change an outfit from funeral-chic to lively so quickly!  (And with minimal purchases too!)

2. Bright tights!!  Even navy tights (as in the last picture) are more colourful than black.

3. Jewellery that is large and bright! We have a post coming up on statement necklaces very soon.

4. Coloured belts; or even a brown/black belt with a cool buckle to make it look like you thought about your outfit when really, you're just wearing your favourite jeans!

xx S

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