My Mane Man: James Brown

I'm rather terrible when it comes to hair-care.  Most likely out of sheer laziness, having been blessed with jet-straight, non-frizzy locks.
But, being a sucker for hoarding useless products, these little beauties came to my attention after purchasing Harper's Bazaar a few months ago.

Enter James Brown London - my new favourite hair product.

  • Presentation: easy on the eye, product #1 promises to "repair hair with a luxurious boost of intensely nourishing moisture".  Despite an apparent taste for verbosity, product does not lie!  Fact!
  • Smell: both smell somewhat masculine, but clean.  Male relative will most probably steal said product after he is finished with the John Frieda products purchased prior to these.
  • Product: Intensive Moisture Mask looks like creamy goop, akin to slightly translucent, over-whipped whipped cream.  Tasty.  No surprises with the Heat Protect Spray
  • Leaves hair feeling...: soft, shiny, akin to woman from shampoo ad.  Likely to compel the user towards a habit of hair-flicking, which may result in neck-injury.
  • Wallet-damage: very little in fact - about $15 a pop for each.  Only available at Priceline in Australia

xx T

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