Currently Craving: Vintage-inspired brogues

Brogues are definitely not something new this season. Actually, one half of us (the maidens behind this blog) claims to have started the craze in our neck of the woods "before the hipsters caught on," she says. While I'm not so sure about that, I do know that I am STILL yet to find the perfect pair.

Here are a few contenders for the perfect brogues:

The Horse (although the brown version is much more wearable) available on The Grand Social
Church's Classic Burwood brogues available on NAP 
(That's Net-a-porter, for anyone who's wallet is lucky enough to have not discovered this site)

You may want to check out this pair below for a cheaper version from asos.com!

Maison Martin Margiela leather python-effect brogues, also available on NAP

Lastly, this pair from ASOS. Yes, they are men's shoes but since when has that stopped me!?

xx S

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