Going ga-ga for Glomesh

It seems "vintage" is all the craze nowadays. And what better way to bring in the vintage big-guns by getting your hot little hands on a piece of original Glomesh action!

So it was S's birthday a few weeks back and ever since one of our uni friends sparked the Glomesh revival in our part of town, in the back of my mind i knew that it would be totally awesome if I got S one at some point in time. Thanks to some heady procrastination, a few friends to chip in, and a little Australian-run site called Bowerbird Vintage*, I found the perfect one, and in mint condition too!

* (Bowerbird Vintage stocks some hand-chosen vintage items as well as some reworked pieces. It's worth having a look at!)

Needless to say, I had to get some Glomesh on me too, haha.

Here's some photos of our Glomesh beauties:

S's present! A Glomesh Hardcase, circa 1980s

Oroton Frame Bag, circa 1973

What do you think?

xx T

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