Seeing red?

You will be!  Because once you're through with this post, you'll be a little miffed too at how someone could have the looks and the smarts of this girl.

Let us introduce to you the first and foremost of Le.Fanciulle's collection of good-looking (and super-smart) friends: Sinead

A bit about this stylish little lady

1. If you could have the contents of one entire shop, what would it be?
I'm rather tempted to be ridiculously greedy and just take the entirety of Bloomingdale's stock for my own! Who wouldn't want all the clothes that a luxury department store has to offer? But a little closer to home, I have to say that I've fallen in love with Burberry.

2. You have 5 hours to live, what do you do and what do you wear?!

I'd do the mandatory and emotional goodbyes to my friends and family, but then I'd love to do something crazy... like skydiving in a ball gown.

3. My default outfit on a lazy day is...

My old friends, the famous (infamous?) green Santa Maria College trackpants. The outfit wouldn't be complete without my authentic dark brown sheepskin ugg boots, and my University of Western Australia grey hoodie. Not the most stylish of outfits, I admit, but quite possibly the most comfortable clothing ensemble mankind has ever discovered.

Wearing: Dress & Sunglasses- Sportsgirl, Boots- Doc Martens
Styling & photography by S&T

xx S&T

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