Currently Craving: Tonal Wayfarers...

There are things that I like, and there are things that I get stuck on.  You know those times where you just keep having to go back to gawk at something that's caught your eye?

Well, that 'stuck' feeling has struck yet again!

Whilst getting my brother's birthday present (a pair of Ray-Ban Wayfarers - yes, he is a bit spoilt by me...) from Shadesdaddy*, I found these beauties:

So yeah, I am a bit of a Ray Ban fan.  But what's not to love about the workmanship, the quality, and the styles they offer?  

Here seen on Ashley Simpson - thanks to celebrity-sunglasses-finder.com!

Anyway, these ones here are Ray Ban Wayfarer II (RB2143) sunglasses with crystal grey gradient lenses - one of the latest reincarnations of the model that was first introduced in 1952.

They are a take on the classic Wayfarer shape, and also come in a few other colour combinations.  (However the black+clear frames are my favourite, and possibly the more practical of colour-combos available).  

Now I think I'm seriously regretting my brother's advice on getting a pair of tortoise-shell Wayfarers (for myself of course - to make the most of shipping costs!).  Because these are far too cool!

*Shadesdaddy: a US site where I buy my sunnies from.  They have a great range of sunglasses that are so much cheaper than Perth prices.  E.g. Clubmasters here are ~$200-250, and I got them for ~$100 (and yes, they are legit).  What a steal...
This is why I advocate online-shopping!

Stay tuned for more sunglasses posts as the weather warms up and we go on the look-out for stylish ways to protect your peepers.


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  1. Ashlee Simpson is my favourite celebrity of all time. I hate her music but I love her style, I miss her with red hair!


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