Currently Craving: Statement Necklaces

Jewellery...  It can make or break a simple outfit, it can jazz up an all black outfit, it can brighten your day! So what better way to do all 3 than to throw on a snazzy statement necklace!

We maidens have an absurd obsession with black clothing. (Actually, not so absurd when you consider that black is flattering and always elegant!)  BUT, the point is, our simple black outfits often call for a bit of "jazzing up" as our mothers would say.

Our love of bright/shiny/large necklaces is so complementary to this obsession that we feel our little rapidly expanding collection is certainly feature-worthy.

T's pretty floral metal necklace which was "cheap as chips from TEMT". It just goes to show...you never know what treasures you'll find in some places!

T's beaded necklace- a gift from the markets

Metal pentagon necklace from Wild Lily Empire, cute little gift shop we recommend to anyone with time (and dollars) to spare around Leederville or Hampden Road (Nedlands)!

A bargain Diva find. Cost per wear is probably down to about 10c by now, between my mother and I.


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  1. I love Wild Lily Empire :D It has such pretty things! By the way - love love love the blog! Fashion-spiration! xx


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