The League of Extraordinarily Well-Dressed Gentlemen: Dylan

It was always Le.Fanciulle's intention to appeal to both ladies and gentlemen - and here it finally is, a post that targets the latter.  And what better way to start the ball rolling than with our choicest selection of stylish male friends; our first being a classic-style aficionado, Dylan.
We asked him a few questions about what he liked about the clothes he wore for this shoot.
(And yes - he dresses this well pretty much every day!)

Desert boots: "... they go with everything, they're really comfortable, and they're better for winter than Cons!"
"I think men's scarves are ok as long as it's cold."
Wayfarers: "...So I was watching From Russia With Love, and Sean Connery whips out the Wayfarers, and I say to myself, "Yeah, I want to look like that...""
The jacket: "I liked the collar..."

Dylan wears: Sunglasses - RayBan, Desert boots - Rodd & Gunn, Scarf - Sportscraft, Jeans - Banana Republic, Shirt - David & Goliath, Jacket - Weathered
Location: Matilda Bay, Perth WA

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    1. Sometimes there is more to life than being really really... ridiculously good looking Dylan


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