Shazam!! A flashback before I depart teenager-dom

In the wake of my 20th birthday, I thought it would be nice to reminisce about the last 2 decades of my life by looking at my parent's photo albums.  Whilst I can clearly remember how fun it was to grow up in the nineties, little did I realise that growing up in that era definitely resulted in some daggy child photos... Let us now venture into...
Things that happened to me in the 90s!!!

Haircuts by mum - good.  Fringe-trims by dad... Never again.
One-piece wetsuit-esque swimsuits.  And my brother with his bather bottoms on his head.
Puffer jackets and patterned LEGGINGS-AS-PANTS!  It won't happen again - I promise!
Dungarees.   Unfortunately I don't have photos of the bright purple velour ones I sported when I was 12...

And saving the best worst most horrific till last...

The year 2000.   When fanny packs, sneakers and elasticated-waist jeans were too cool.  Even for me.

xx T

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