Man, I feel like a woman!

With all the beautiful, pretty clothing available, I do not know why masculine clothing appeals to me so much. The tailoring of the shirts and trousers always seem so simple and elegant... not to mention comfortable!

Things I note from all these pictures:
1. All except one have a brown leather belt
2. I need to invest in some more quality leather goods! 
3. Slimline pants, preferably a little bit fitted so as to look like a girl in boy-ish clothing... not an actual boy!
4. I should follow T's lead and 'invest' (I use that word quite liberally) in some good sunnies! (When money permits, maybe in 2050?)

International brand Kenzo even used female models in it's recent Spring 2011 menswear collection to show the versatility of menswear.  Judge for yourself in these pictures.

(I'm quite certain that is a girl)

Pictures courtesy of style.com, zanitazanita.blogspot.com, lookbook.ny, lovemore.blogspot.com, stockholmstreetstyle

xx S

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