What we're loving in Perth... Fusion Clothing!

What a gem!  Just a short walk from UWA...

Please bear with me while I tell you a little story...

Once upon a time, in a far off land called Perth, there lived two fair maidens called S & T.  These two maidens had a particular penchant for clothing (the majority of it being far beyond their budget) and an enhanced taste for designer accessories.  On a meagre uni-student wage (T being a professional vampire, and S sitting on babies for a living), this was a hole in their heart that could never be filled...

Then one day, on a long trek between campuses, they decided to venture into a little shop along Hampden Road known as Fusion Clothing... and this is where the story REALLY takes off.

Fusion, as it turned out, was not an old granny shop, tucked away behind a hairdresser's.
It is truly a treasure trove of vintage and recycled designer clothing that makes high end brands available for the same amount as full priced Esprit!  It stocks brands from Country Road up to Armani, Chanel, and YSL.
Of course, you have to be lucky to find something that you like in your size, as with any recycling boutique.  But when you're lucky... BOY are you lucky!

Le.Fanciulle have been quite restrained in this shop (because otherwise we'd both be dirt-poor), but that hasn't stopped us from picking up a few "investment pieces" from Fusion:

S's Mulberry "Roxanne" leather bag - a perfect every-day bag
T's Azzedine Alaia python-effect shoes 

Some much-needed leather belts, by Country Road

So next time you're taking a walk down Hampden to get your coffee-fix from Boubar, we definitely recommend taking a detour into this fantastic shop.  
Pam, the proprietor, offers some excellent advice; simply by reading her rap-sheet on the shop's website, it is evident that she has a lifetime's worth of experience to draw upon!  Her assistants also share Pam's passion for fashion, and it's really quite a challenge to walk out of the shop without something in our hot little hands.  Also, if you're so inclined to shop online, you can buy some stock from their website too.

Highly recommended!

xx S & T

P.S.  Have you got something hidden away in your closet that you never wear?  Or would you like to clear some space out for more clothes?  You could sell your garment on to Fusion Clothing - they're always on the hunt for more quality stock!  

Want to find out more? 
2/168 Hampden Road
Nedlands WA  6009
Phone: 08 9386 3936


  1. pretty expensive for a 2nd hand store

  2. It probably depends on what you compare it to though. If you compare it an op shop, then yes it sure is expensive! But if you compare it to buying the equivalent item new, then it's reasonable!!

  3. I am definitely going to hit this place up. Thanks for the tip girls!

  4. Fusion was featured in the Sunday Times this weekend!! Oh no! The secret's out!


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