The power of wishful thinking...

At the moment, Witchery has a competition/promotion a little bit like a Willie Wonka golden ticket...you get a ticket by buying a certain magazine or if you're a member, just in an email. The only catch is, you don't know what value your 'ticket' is (they promise a minimum value of $20) until you go up to the counter of a Witchery store with a purchase of $40+

Clearly, this is a huge marketing ploy! And I admit it has sucked me in, haha! If I were to have the 'golden ticket', I would use the voucher to buy the following pretty items:

Silk wrap dress

Linen self-tie shorts

Jersey knotted skirt

This one will do until Santa brings me my Burberry trench (cough cough)

The neutral trend was not intended in all these imaginary purchases! Either Witchery is only stocking beige at the moment, or I have gone mad for the (non) colour...



  1. Well nude colours ARE super in next season! :D

  2. santa is bringing my burberry trench in 2013 when i graduate :D

    (its Riti btw - using my blogspot id)

  3. S and I have made a pact that our first paycheck in 2013 will be going towards Louboutins. Bring on the $$$$!!!!


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