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A few months ago, S sent me an invite for one of those private online shopping clubs that offers designer brands at heavily reduced prices for members only.
Unfortunately, it was a US site and didn't ship to Australia!

Well the idea of private shopping clubs obviously took off, and needless to say, Australia now have a few too.  I was never really keen to sign up to these things in the first place since it would result in massive spammage of my inbox and a subsequent depletion of funds.   But after some infuriating online searches for things that simply ended up at dead-end, members-only links to these sites, my curiosity got the better of me and I joined Brands Exclusive.

This site runs 'campaigns' (sales) for brands that feature current season items at (apparently) up to 70% off.  The checkout service is fast and idiot-proof, and also offers PayPal as a method of payment (yes, I might have already tried it out...  on some shoes...).  Shipping is a flat rate of $8.90 within Australia, which is about average with respect to other online stores.
Do note, however, that by default they will send you emails almost every day to alert you of new sales that are starting.  You can opt to turn these off in your account settings.

Currently, some of the campaigns are:
  • Moschino jewellery 
  • Royal Doulton and Gordon Ramsey by Royal Doulton (got any weddings you need presents for?)
  • Zensu shoes
  • Industrie inc.
  • Le Specs (so hard not to buy anything from this sale!!)
  • Olga Berg (some nice evening bags at ~$20 - good for Med dinner!  Also some coin purses at $7 for those interested)
As most of the items are not sold over the internet, and there's usually only a 3-6 day buying window on the limited stock, you have to be pretty quick to snap up the items you want in the right sizes/colours.

Probably worth having a look at, but caution is advised for those with a credit/debit card and a compulsive shopping habit!

xx T

Click here to sign up for Brands Exclusive!

P.S.:  Hold out for another 3 days for our next "Fashion Focus" - this time featuring some male talent!!  Keep your browsers at the ready ;)

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