Blogger feature: Spring has sprung

Whilst Europe is preparing for "fall", it is semi disappointing watching all the beautiful cold weather collections coming out... just when it's starting to heat up down here! So thankfully we have a whole caboodle of talented Aussie bloggers who keep our spirits up with posts that get us excited for Spring!

One such blog is GaryPepperVintage, the blog of a lovely Eastern States online-vintage-store owner who does beautiful photoshoots usually to show off her new stock or DIY projects. It's one of my favourites because the combination of impeccable photography, individual style and down to earth writing makes it a really good read. I urge you to check it out!!

This sheer DIY skirt/draped material is so beautiful and fairy-like!

And again, sheer sheer sheer.

All photos courtesy of garypeppervintage

I love how her skirts are either mini or maxi...Sorry in-between-length, I don't love you anymore.

xx S

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