Currently Craving: a wardrobe update

Just a quick post on a couple of things we are craving at the moment to update our collection of clothing.

S craves:

  • a thin chambray shirt
  • cute floral dresses
  • plain leather wedges (I found these in an op shop today for $12, in my size, in new cond.!!!)
  • comfortable black flats (I have been looking for these since my $30 Betts pair sadly passed away!!)
  • slimline beige chinos
  • more beige, nude, pastel in general (ok this is not one item)
  • silk culottes, if they even exist
  • some black jersey to make a maxi skirt
  • a hair cut!
Witchery wedges would do me just fine (says the girl with a small Witchery obsession)

This Sportsgirl dress looks so handy, but I don't think I'd have trouble finding something similar in an op shop ;)

T craves:

  • casual summery dresses - a shirt-dress would be divine!
  • a black knee-length skirt
  • a classic black cardigan (how have I not managed to find the perfect one yet?)
  • a casual blazer
  • some statement headbands
  • a brown leather jacket (possibly following the shearling/aviator trend?  I don't know just yet...  This would definitely be an investment piece.)
  • these Witchery shorts!  (But I am tres poor at the moment, so I will resist, despite the lure of the "boarding pass" campaign! I WILL RESIST!!)


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