I'm Blue! (abadeeabadie)

On the weekend, it was our lovely friend Emily's 21st birthday at the Oxford Hotel in Leederville, during which Le.Fanciulle and a few merry (some very merry) friends snapped away some memories and participated in some good old tom-foolery.
Here are a few pictures from our night out, just to show you that we do indeed tear ourselves away from the books and go out!

The gorgeous birthday girl!!

S & T xx


  1. looks like a fun night! the oxford is awesome too :)

    in response to your question..
    the black shift dress is from forever new, the only chain store i seem to buy from these days...

    and also about vogue collections...i happen to know that we have a copy of this years at the shop i work at!! Came out in july and is $44.95...let me know if you want it and i'll save it for you, i'll give you a discount too xx

  2. Ooh which is it? I'd loove to come and have a look at it!! Thanks so much! and about Forever new, totally agree...I would wear nearly every item in that shop!!

    S xx


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