Now I just need some rain...

S & I were getting a bit glum this winter, both of us having ruined a perfectly good pair of suede shoes thanks to a few rainy walks from uni to the med library.  We joked around a bit about having wellies - namely Hunters, which had been getting quite a lot of coverage on the web thanks to Kate Moss (who else, really?).

So it was a huge surprise when S and a few other of my girly pals got me a pair of Hunters for my birthday!  Of course, it's not raining now, but I'm betting they're going to get a work-out when I go abroad this coming summer holiday!

xx T

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  1. i admire anyone who can wear rainboots like those and look awesome! there are so many pics from glastonbury and the like where they are perfectly incorporated into outfits...makes me want a pair :)



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