We are currently turning undergoing transformation into this:

When we would much rather be turning into one of these:

Long walks around the city
Taking photos of anything and everything
Rugging up in crisp white sheets
At the beach for sunset rugged up in a warm jumper
Picnicing with friends (just love this photo, sorry for the repost)
Going places with cute boys
Back in Bali with said fellows.

pictures via hanneli.com, mrnewton.net, birdsofafeatherblog, jesslovesfred, hellomrfox, our own photos

Hopefully a bit more original blog action will happen sometime this week when two horrible exams are over!! Wish us luck!

xx S


  1. You guys have had over 4000 hits! (and they can't all have been me, despite looking every couple of hours haha) Props!

  2. these pictures are lovely. which ones are yours? the beach at sunset one made me want to rush out of the house right now and try to catch it...


  3. Bec- I know!! So exciting! Although I swear 99% are from us hehe
    The last Bali beach pic and the pic of the shredded shorts are ours :) I love that beach one, too!
    We have some sunset pics of our own actually, should do a post of them soon xx

  4. I have the same sort of longings when I see photos of girls like this and stylish ladies on the street - they make it all seem so easy.
    Keep on focusing on the small awesome things in life! x

  5. What great photos! I feel like graduate school is that process for sure...it's nice to strive for these things with others! Your blog is wonderful.



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