I'm in a holiday mood...

Which is probably a bad thing seeing as our final exams are less than a month away now.

I blame the fantastic weather.
(I also blame the weather for sparking off my allergies, which means I'm covered in a rash half the time.)

The frog's eggs my brother and I rescued from our demolished pond have also turned into tadpoles.  
A sure sign that the weather is getting better!

And some homework (aka distraction from study).  Can't wait for January!!!

My camera tends to get a bit more love when it comes around the end of semester...

So I hope your studies are going better than mine are!

Thank goodness the boy bought me these awesome headphones so I'll be able to study peacefully in my spot in the library without going psycho at the year 12s which will be infiltrating the Med/Dent library soon. 

Back to the books!

xx T

PS: We went on a wild thrifting bus adventure today and came home (I mean, returned to the library) with some beautiful loot! Just to whet your appetite...



  1. i'm having trouble studying too, i'm leaving for melbourne the day after my last exam, so i keep thinking about that instead of property law :)


  2. <3 It's so hard to concentrate with all the fun stuff going on after exams!


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