Continuing my love affair...

...with Isabel Marant, that is!

I came across pictures of this Isabel Marant collection from Paris Fashion Week and just HAD to post straight away. This is the kind of collection I look at and think Yes! I want to wear this immediately! mean, Valentino and Gucci are all very well if you spend half your life on the red carpet/at fancy galas, but that is not the case for most of us!

This collection looks so wearable and comfortable. Apart from the see through mesh tops, it is all suitable for everyday wear! I can see myself wearing any of these for uni (if only I were so lucky!)

A light floral summery dress with a heavy leather brown belt is definitely a look to try out!
T has some pink pants like the ones on the left. I might bully her into wearing them soon.

 Another great idea (that doens't require $$) is knotting your belt instead of buckling it.
And of course, Anja Rubik, looking fab as always. (Small obsession here perhaps)

pictures via style.com
xx S

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  1. love these. there is something so loose and comfy about all these designs. the leather belt casually knotted around the waist is the perfect touch..!



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