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This is a totally wearable collection by J Crew for their Spring collection. T & I are both completely enamoured with J Crew, especially since they have been stocked at Net-a-Porter, making it buyable*! These pictures are making me really happy that Spring is here and summer is coming soon...I can't wait to start wearing white, denim and florals in short and floaty styles. Anything to get away from the black on black on black that happens in winter!

*not that we have bought anything, but at least now we can dream

Starting with probably my favourite picture of them all!
I love light jackets for Spring, so here's hoping it doesn't get too hot.

Gone are the days when 3/4 length anything was daggy. Now I'm loving 3/4 jeans, 3/4 chinos and alas- mid calf skirts!

A metallic version of my Dad's boaters? Why not!?

(T is in love with this look)

This picture reminds me of T's relaxed rolled up jeans + cons style. (Don't tell her I said that)

pictures via jcrew.com

Apologies for the lack of posting, we have had a really heavy week at uni and it's really ramping up towards exams. On another note though, the weather is absolutely beautiful in Perth and relaxing in the sun at lunchtime with friends has never been better :)

xx S&T

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