My Latest Loot 2 - October

S & I were sitting in the library on Friday, confessing our shopping cravings due to the barrage of assessments of late plus the fact that we're already half-way through Buy Nothing New Month!

Here's some of my new(old) pieces:

Silk SABA blouse - a steal from ebay (apparently only worn once - I have no idea why someone would sell it!).  Looks mustard yellow in some lights, and charteuse in others...

I love the pleats down the front and the billowing sleeves

My mum's old maxi skirt that I found in the dress-up box whilst looking for a zombie costume for my brother.  This is not going back into the dress-up box for a long time.
This is the most accurate photo of it's actual colour - it tends to go from silver to blue-grey depending on how you look at it.  It also hangs quite nicely (much like the picture below on the right). 

I reckon I'll wear it casually like this:

(images: Oasis at ASOS maxi skirt, chictopia)

Another Buy Nothing New Month update after S and I go for an op-shopping adventure soon!

xx T


  1. the colour of that blouse is love!! it looks great on you too xx

  2. Really really cute blouse. The fabric looks so fine and soft, and the colour is lovely.
    I love casually worn maxis too, so stylish and relaxed.

  3. That is one amazing blouse! I cant believe you found it on ebay! And I am loving the maxi skirt!

    P.S. Neon Blonde no longer exists I've re-introduced the blog as Blonde Suburbia, I know I may have some explaining to do! Same blog, Same girl just a new name!

    Please stop by I love your comments :)



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