Stylish shockers

There are just some things that shouldn't have been invented/designed. And some things that should never be seen. And some things that scar you for life.

While I'm quite a denim fan and even sport a denim bag for uni from time to time, I was lost for words when coming across these pictures on the Betts website...Denim shoes...?

On the theme of denim, an interesting picture below. At least these denim knickers aren't pretending to be shorts! What is frightening though is that these are made by One Teaspoon, ie they are purchase-able, which worries me.

Have you seen a horrifying style faux-pas recently? Don't even get me started on jeggings...

xx S&T


  1. Haha I think the denim trend can be very scary sometimes... I sort of think jeans are even a bit unimaginative these days.
    I have a pair of slip on denim shoes that I don't mind, but they are pretty understated haha. And were $6.

    red g-string under knee length stockings (dark denier, but see-through all the same) = shudder.

    But I suppose a more common one that I hate is the hot pants (usually denim) and you can see the fold under you butt when you walk. TMI.

  2. Hahaha, it seems like the denim shorts these days are getting shorter...soon to be g - string shorts eugh!

  3. wow...

    i've never been a huge fan of denim, even now the only time i wear jeans is when i ride my motorbike. these shoes....not so good :/


  4. mmm denim shoes upset me... alot
    and jeggings push me over the edge.
    haha great post, these pieces are questionable to say the least!


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