My Latest Loot 4 - October

WOW - S and I made it through a month without buying anything "new".  That's not to say we didn't buy anything at all, or that it was easy at all (midway we both confessed our shopping-cravings to each other and vowed to stay far away from our favourite stores...).

Anyway, here's the last of my October-loot instalments!

1. Silk beaded top - pretty much a steal from Subi Good Sammy's one afternoon when S and I decided to boycott studying and go shopping instead.  
Amazingly it still has all the beads and the material is in perfect condition!

2. Blue cocktail ring - from The Ginger Fox's UWA market day stall
S & I took turns wearing it around for the rest of the day!  I bet this purchase is going to rekindle my childhood obsession with rings...

3. Scanlan & Theodore belt - from the Fusion Clothing sale
There were some other pieces at the sale that we were dying for!  
But seeing as S & I are going for respective European holidays soon (and we're currently scraping the bottom of the barrel with regards to funds), we thought it'd be best if we exercised some restraint... 

Ok... back to the books.  Exams are in a week and a bit!  Eeeeep!


  1. hey! The Ginger Fox posted a little mention of you ladies and this ring... chchchcheck it out!

  2. Ooh that's so exciting! Thanks for letting us know :) x

  3. That ring is gorgeous! I love gem rings so much!


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