Ahhh Paris!

After S gets back before Christmas, we'll be having a bit of time together before I head off on my own adventure to Paris and London after the New Year with my family.  I am already getting very excited about going, and mother dearest has asked me to plan some of the Paris leg of our family holiday.

Whilst reading some travel guides has definitely given me some ideas of where to go, I've been doing a little research via a few of S & my favourite French blogs.  Of course these would be The Cherry Blossom Girl, Le Blog de Betty, Le monde de Tokyobanhbao, and Miss Pandora (who are incidentally all friends).  

My favourite of them would definitely have to be Alix of The Cherry Blossom Girl - her photos are always beautifully composed and her blog just looks divine.  She also has a Paris guide which I am going to trawl through now for some more ideas. 

Just a few photos from her blog just to whet your appetite!

If you do know any cool places that aren't usually featured in the travel guides, be sure to let me know!

xx T


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  1. These pics are sooo accurate, youre going to fall in lurve with this city!!
    Missing you!! xx S


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