After exams I was feeling a little bit drained to say the least.  I guess that's what you get for spending more time at night in the library than in your own bed for 3 weeks.  
So I decided to fix that with my self-imposed tradition of a post-exam gift to myself.  Needless to say, I am very pleased with my self-gift-giving for this year!

Now on to the actual topic of this post.
I should let you know now that I rarely buy fashion magazines (I don't think Frankie counts as a fashion mag does it?).  Whilst I do have my favourites when I do decide to buy them, such as Harper's Bazaar or Shop, I don't really like the idea of purchasing something every month or so, which I probably won't ever look at again once I've read it (I'm not much of a re-reader).

But what this post is about is this nifty little (FREE!!!) app that I found, made by Style.com.  If you're familiar with the website already, you'll know that Style.com reports on all the latest shows of the major brands, and puts up lovely magazine-quality photos for you to peruse at your leisure.  They also have videos and reviews for you to watch and read.

The app lets you access photo libraries of latest shows (and also shows going back to 2000!), as well as photos of parties and men's fashion.  It also links to the look of the day poll, and the Style File blog.  There is an issue with the videos though - you get the audio but no video...  (I'm sure they'll address this in the next update since people have been complaining about it on itunes).

But it's free (who doesn't like free stuff?), and it is definitely a very comprehensive resource which you can now use on the go! (if you have an iPhone/iPad that is).

Give it a go and tell me what you think - xx T


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  1. I 'd rather a literal magazine. I do want the lush app though;) x hivennn.


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