Gettin' crafty!

S and I like to make things in our spare time (of which we finally have a lot of, thanks to the fact that exams are finally over!). 
Here's some stuff that we are itching to try out some time soon; don't worry - we'll keep you posted with our successes (or failures.  Both ways I'm sure it'll be hilarious)

1: Fur snoods
(a la asos.com)
We've got the fur and we've got the zeal.  Time to make these buggers!

2. Circle skirts
I don't have very many skirts (I'm more of a pants and dress person to be honest) - but I'm thinking that my foray into sewing proper clothes could begin with a very easy circle skirt.
Pictures from The Sartorialist & Louis Vuitton Fall 2010 (via style.com)

3. A tee-dress
Probably something along the lines of this Dion Lee Rorschach print dress - as seen on Emma Watson (I'm quite liking her hair!)
Seriously, how hard could it be to sew a tshirt?

xx T & S
Happy holidays!!


  1. Yes! Sewing skirts is the easiest way to learn. That's all I've done so far, it's basically impossible to get wrong (er, sorta). Just make sure you measure the hem of other skirts you like to get an acurate idea of measurements...
    This holidays I'm trying dresses (how scary!).

  2. It's a snooooddddd you were talking about hahaha! :D


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