Holiday DIY #1 - Fur snoods

As said in the previous post, T & I abso-fricking-lutely love DIYs. Our first project was to do something with the massive amount of fur that arrived on our doorstep from ebay. SNOODS, of course! I mean, it's really quite logical.

The humongous amount of (faux) fur
cut cut cut
 Folding into a a tube
 Halving into two tubes (no snood sharing in this 'hood)
 Securing the seam
 Voila! A tube of faux fur!
We inverted the tube the right way out- fur on the outside!
 The trickiest bit by far- stitching the ends together.
T hard at work. Sew, woman, sew!
The finished snood!

Now we are all set to rock Europe with our DIY snoods...let's just hope we don't look like complete imbeciles or get paint bombed by PETA.
xx S&T

PS: Some mucking around photos for your viewing pleasure

 The flowers wanted to join in the fun!
So did the boys!

Tell us your DIY projects!
xx S & T


  1. My dad says: "How many snoods died to make these?" haha

  2. Hahaha I was thinking to myself "how many fauxs died to make this?"

  3. I LOVE the snood! Im so inspired to go make one myself...although I think that the sewing part will go horribly wrong for me haha....
    Great to see another perth blogger :)

  4. such an awesome Diy

    Mia xoxo


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