I want Lanvin not flowers!

Do you hear me, Simon (& Pete)?

Watch me:

What a drool-worthy designer collaboration by Lanvin and H&M! Here's a pick of my favourite pieces:
This dress also comes in red (I'm a bit torn as to which one I like better)
As per usual, I gravitate towards anything purple...  But the yellow dress is divine as well!

If I bought any one thing from the collection, for some reason it would be this necklace.
I think I actually squealed when I discovered this the other day!  Perhaps I'll get S to pick me up some goodies when she lands in Europe - on the day the collection is released (23rd November)...  

Thank you Alber!!!
xx T

(continue the clothes-lust here)
All images and video courtesy of H&M


  1. Can't I have flowers and Lanvin?

  2. Hmmm maybe i won't put your "beach jeans" on the blog after all, Simy. >:-)


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